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PLEASE READ - From The President's Desk

First let me say THANK YOU for your interest! Let me say right now that we are not your “typical” Mask Company. In 2004, we decided to roll the dice and launch into the market with a revolutionary product. We researched, tested, retested, designed, developed and produced the Worlds 1st and ONLY SUM (Sports Utility Mask) for the Sport Fishing, Hunting, Motorcycle and Snow Industries. I know, why does a fisherman need phace protection? Well, if you’ve ever been hit in the phace by a June Bug or Bumble Bee while screaming down a lake at 80 mph in an open cock pit Bass Boat, you’ll quickly find out why fishermen need phace protection.

Immediately after launching “Fish Hedz” we started getting calls from Paintballers, AirSoft Players, Law Enforcement Agencies and even the US Millitary all wanting to use our SUM as a Paintball, Air Soft or SIM Mask. For the past 3 years we’ve asked these same inquires what they like, don’t like, want and need in a mask. Surprisingly they told us they wanted something new, better, cool looking, didn’t fog and something they could paint themselves or have painted. So we made a few prototypes and had over 600 Ballers test our new mask against their current mask. 599 of them pulled out their wallets and wanted to buy ours on the spot. Then we surveyed over 500 Independent Paintball and AirSoft Retailers and developed our Policies and Procedures to help them make more money and to finally give the customers something different!

Our NEW Tactical Mask is not like anything you've ever seen before. If you are looking for a mask that has a soft rubbery material with a bunch of holes in it, thank you for visiting our web site, but we are not what you are looking for... However, if you are looking for a mask that gives greater protection, perfect peripheral vision, has absofreakinlutely some of the SICKEST graphics you've ever seen on a mask, great profit margins and a strictly enforced MAP, you've come to the right place.

We are not your typical Paintball Mask Company. We are VERY competitive avid sportsmen that love to play all types of games and compete in all types of tournaments. And just to give you some history about us, ESPN 2 called us a “Must Have!” product for 06’, a magazine owned by ESPN called Bass Masters named us one of the hottest company’s to hit the industry in the last 25 years and has written articles about us at least 12 times in the past 2 years. We’ve also been called “One of America’s Best Products” by CNBC, Fox and OLN to name a few and we are in 450+ Independent Retailer stores across the U.S. and over 48 countries.

With that said, our innovative team did not stop there. They spent 2 years researching, designing, testing and retesting, before coming out with our new EFP. Once that was finished we surveyed over 600 welders and their answers were mind blowing! They told us they wanted: 1) a helmet with peripheral vision, 2) something with a face forming profile which allows them to get into tighter spaces more easily, 3) something that was innovative, they were tired of using the same helmet their great grandfathers used, 4) to have a helmet they could customize themselves or have it painted to match their style, 5) sick graphics and 6) Headgear that was comfortable…Needless to say, we were blown away by their answers, and we gave them exactly what they wanted!

Below are just some of our Policies and Procedures that we have designed specifically for you!

Our Retailer Packages Allow YOU To Be In Control

Most manufacturers offer little or no choice to the retailer, it's either buy the product or don't buy the product. Our tailored retailer packages put you the storeowner or buyer in control to provide you with maximum choices to fit YOUR individual store needs. This translates to minimal risk, maximum profits and minimum investment to you the retailer.

Level 1 Package:
  • Buy 1 or 10, we don't care. Must be paid in full (Unless you are a Sports, Inc. or NBS Retailer)
  • Profit Margins are 30% until you reach $2,000 annual purchases. When you reach our Gold Level Retailer, you automatically get 35% Profit Margins!
  • No free shipping.

Level 2 Package:
  • Minimum 1st order of $500 must be paid in full (Unless you are a Sports Inc. or NBS Retailer)
  • FREE shipping for all new Retailers on the first order of $500 or more.
  • Can mix product line for total order amount to take advantage of FREE shipping on 1st order.

Skeptical About A New Product By A New Manufacturer?
4 Ways Save Phace Eliminates Your Worries

Here at Save Phace we understand that you might be somewhat skeptical of our product and company and have the following assurances:

1. Guaranteed set profit margins as outlined in the Retailer Kit as long as you sell the product @ MSRP.

2. Extensive surveys and research has been done to PROVE that the end consumer WANTS and NEEDS this product - 500+ end users surveyed during our research and development phase with over 80% asking to buy it on the spot!

3. 100% Buy Back Guarantee Program. 

4. Customers are informed to return the product to us if any problems occur, thus saving you time and money.

Increase Traffic in Your Store And Boost Profits

Save Phace will be placing advertising in strategic national magazines to gain maximum exposure on the Save Phace product line. This product exposure will also provide our retail partners exposure via the website link for retailers in the consumers' area carrying our product. No more hunting around for the consumers - they will be provided with a website directing them to a local retailer in their area.

This direction of the consumer to you will drive traffic into your store and allow you the opportunity to provide your services to the consumer. This aggressive advertising campaign will drive new customers into your store specifically looking for this product and will provide you with the opportunity to make them a customer for life.

Save Phace Will GUARANTEE The Sale of Our Product.
Do Your Other Manufacturers?

At the end of each year, Save Phace will allow you to return unsold stock and Save Phace will refund 50% of the original product cost back to you. We call it our "50/50 Return Policy". For those stores where floor space and storage space is a limited commodity, the ability to return unsold product at the end of a season and recoup 50% of the cost of that product made more sense to the retailers we surveyed than it would to put those products on a clearance rack. (You Pay For Shipping)

Keep the product for the next season or return it for a 50% reimbursement - the choice is yours. One more way Save Phace keeps you in control.

Ever worry about a new product? You KNOW the product will sell, but are unsure as to which color or style that will sell the best in your area. As a storeowner you make a decision and place your order, but you are not happy when the red model outsells the blue model and you are left with the blue model on the shelf and need to order more red!

Save Phace listened to the frustration that this caused and developed the Switch Out Program. Simply ship the product that is NOT selling back to our warehouse and we'll swap it out for the product that IS selling- solving your problem! (You Pay For Shipping)

Whose fault is it when problems occur during the retailer's purchase of sporting products? I say it's the manufacturer of the product's fault. I realize that buying a new product from a new manufacturer is a big step for you. I also know that you are trying to provide the best products for your customers, not trying to figure out how a manufacturer works. That's why we have committed ourselves to overcoming every problem you will face at every other manufacturer. Making product purchasing easy, stress free and without fear or buyers remorse.

So if you are interested in “hookin’ up” with us, we welcome you, and truly value you as a partner! Please feel free to contact us by phone or simply fill out the “Sign Up Now!” form and one of our Regional Sales Managers will contact you as soon as possible.


Jerry Wright
Save Phace, Inc.

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